Hello, my name is JP.

I'm a software engineer working in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love Javascript, Ruby, and currently learning to love Rust. I use my personal site to mess around with various Javascript frameworks and APIs. Right now, this site is a Gatsby (React) application using GraphCMS. Thanks for stopping by. 🤙 😄


I Love Web Development Twitter, But...

Web Development Twitter is equal parts beautiful and straight trash.
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elementContains One Liner in Javascript

A one line utility function that's very useful.
  • javascript
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CSS Sibling Fade

CSS is fun. This is a simple way to fade all elements in a container not actively hovered.
  • css
  • ux
  • ui

Programming Dogma Is Exhausting

People share their opinions on Twitter a lot. It doesn't mean they're well intentioned, well informed, or even well thought out.
  • programming

Javascript Sleep Method

Other languages offer a sleep function or something similar natively.
  • javascript

Numeric Separators For Large Integers in Javascript

I've been writing Javascript for a long time professionally. I never knew this trick...
  • javascript

Cities You're Most Likely To Get Into A Car Accident

Fun infographic ranking the top 50 cities for car accidents. After living in Seattle for 20+ years their ranking surprised me a bit.
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The Playdate handheld game console is pre-ordering in July and I'm here for it.
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Hello World

Everyone has to start somewhere. For me, this is it.
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