Hello, my name is JP.

I'm a software engineer working in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love Javascript, Ruby, and currently learning to love Rust. I use my personal site to mess around with various Javascript frameworks and APIs. Right now, this site is a Gatsby (React) application using GraphCMS. Thanks for stopping by. 🤙 😄


Spotify Year in Review 2022

Spotify's year in review is so fun and something I look forward to every year.

Technological Grandstanding

It's not the image/comic - it's the interpretation that sometimes gets me.

Timeline of a React Component with Hooks

Jules Blom researched and wrote a beautiful article, with interactive examples, showing the React Component timeline with hooks.
  • react
  • javascript
  • hooks

My Favorite Guitarist on Planet Earth

Kent Nishimura is the G.O.A.T finger style guitarist (IMO)...an he's only 19...
  • guitar

49ers Fans are Toxic

I don't know if all fan bases are this bad, but the current Deebo Samuel contract situation is showing the insecurity and toxic nature of "fans".

This Peter Schrager Piece Got me Fired Up for Saturdays Game

Peter Schrager breaks down the his pick for the 49ers Packers Divisional Playoff game tomorrow.
  • niners
  • football
  • playoffs

I Love Web Development Twitter, But...

Web Development Twitter is equal parts beautiful and straight trash.
  • twitter
  • webdev

elementContains One Liner in Javascript

A one line utility function that's very useful.
  • javascript
  • utilities

CSS Sibling Fade

CSS is fun. This is a simple way to fade all elements in a container not actively hovered.
  • css
  • ux
  • ui

Programming Dogma Is Exhausting

People share their opinions on Twitter a lot. It doesn't mean they're well intentioned, well informed, or even well thought out.
  • programming

Javascript Sleep Method

Other languages offer a sleep function or something similar natively.
  • javascript

Numeric Separators For Large Integers in Javascript

I've been writing Javascript for a long time professionally. I never knew this trick...
  • javascript

Cities You're Most Likely To Get Into A Car Accident

Fun infographic ranking the top 50 cities for car accidents. After living in Seattle for 20+ years their ranking surprised me a bit.
  • driving
  • motorcycles
  • infographic


The Playdate handheld game console is pre-ordering in July and I'm here for it.
  • playdate
  • gaming

Hello World

Everyone has to start somewhere. For me, this is it.
  • hello world