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Spotify Year in Review 2022

Written by JP on December 3, 2022
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When the Spotify Year in Review is released I'm always a little surprised at what I've been listening to for the year. Spotify is by far my most used paid for service. Because of that you'd think I'd have a better idea of what my artist rankings would be going in - but every single year at least two are surprising.

This year, it was my #1 and #2 I didn't see coming.

I LOVE Frank Turner and Ryan Adams but I honestly didn't think I listened to them more than anyone else. I can't help but wonder how much of that is Spotify putting their music in the dynamically made playlists the custom curate?

The Bronx is my favorite band of all time so them being in my top 5 is a constant. Forever.

Amos Lee is a mellow goto for me. My wife and I would play him regularly this year when cooking dinner or winding down after work. Welcome to my top5, my dude.

And finally, Slomosa. They were new for me this year even though their self titled album came out in 2020 (thanks, Mike!). Front to back the album is fantastic.

As always, wonderful stuff from Spotify.