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Cities You're Most Likely To Get Into A Car Accident

Written by JP on June 10, 2021
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I like to ride motorcycles. When my wife and I moved to Las Vegas from Seattle in 2019 I sold all three of my motorcycles. Why? Because drivers in Las Vegas scared the shit out of me every time I'd be in Las Vegas visiting my wife's family.

It's a regular thing for a car to fly 4 lanes across I-15 or the 215 to not miss an exit. What I described is literally the thing I fear most when riding a bike - stupid ass maneuvers like that.

I rode my motorcycles in Seattle all year long. In all weather (except snow and ice) and never had a problem. Rain is no big deal when you ride enough. Hills are no problem either - just be a little more careful going downhill on rainy days.

Anyway, when I first found this infographic I expected Seattle to be on the list. And Las Vegas - only I thought they would be much higher.

In fact, this infographic shows me that I'm incorrect around my fears riding a motorcycle in this city. North Las Vegas is only slightly worse than Seattle (9 100ths of a point) and where I live, Paradise, was #50 on the list. Below Seattle.

Anyway, I found it interesting and hope you might too. Turns out the main place to not drive a car or ride a motorcycle is in the DC/Baltimore area. Noted