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49ers Fans are Toxic

Written by JP on April 16, 2022
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Deebo Samuel wants a new contract. He still has one year left on his contract. Because of his importance to the team, the role he plays, and how damn good he is he'd like to renegotiate his contract right now - while other wide receivers are getting paid this off season.

Any 49er fan knows that the team doesn't have any money right now to negotiate anything (Jimmy G and Dee Ford have got to go). On top of that, there are rumors around how far apart Deebo's agent and the team are in regards to guaranteed $$$ and what his next contract should be.

None of that matters to me. Deebo has every right to try to work a new deal right now. The team has every right to push back as they're currently not prepared to offer new contracts to Deebo or Nick Bosa right now. No matter what they're under contract and I do believe this will work out like everything tends to in time.

What I can't get behind is how easy it is for toxic, and let's just say it, stupid ass fans to spit their vitriol at a player because they think the player is being "selfish" or that they "owe" the team and the fanbase everything because of whatever stupid reason they believe in their minds.

Death threats? Like, really? Get the hell out of here. First off, Deebo is a human being and nobody deserves anyone addressing them negatively like that. Deebo is also the best WR and maybe offensive player the 49ers have had since Terrell Owens. We're lucky to have him. It just doesn't make any rational sense.

I'm ashamed of our "fans". Real fans love Deebo. I love Deebo. I wish others could mind their business while this gets worked out by professionals without talking crazy shit to a good man.

On behalf of a real 49ers fan, sorry for the dipshits, Deebo.