John Patrick Given

is a software developer living in Seattle, WA

A Little About Me

I'm From

Danville, California.

I Ride

A 2001 Burton Custom. I really need to upgrade but as I'm getting older skiing is looking more and more appealing.

Favorite Whisky / Bourbon

Makers Mark all day. Weller is a very close second.

Favorite Food

Burritos. I love a burrito. I tend to eat them far too quickly. I'm fairly certain if you and I went head to head in a burrito eating contest I would destroy you.

Hobbies / Loves

I enjoy programming, snowboarding, playing my guitar (poorly), hanging out with my cat, riding my motorcycle, sketching things, basketball, football, and soccer.

Last Thing I Said On Twitter


Old enough to remember Reagan in the White House.


I'm finally working on a new site for 2014. If you need to get in touch, please contact me via Google+